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How can I promote my business on RailAction?

RailAction offers to all interested companies the opportunity to post advertisements (e.g. banners) on any page of the website in different sizes. For more details on this feature, please contact RailAction through the “Contact” page.

For more views and therefore for a quicker sale of your vehicles, railaction.com offers the opportunity to promote announcements so that they appear at the same time on the top of the page of that category, before other ads posted in the gallery, in the space dedicated to promotion. To benefit from this facility you must purchase a specific Membership Package.

Do you want to sell a rail vehicle?

All you have to do is to post one or more ads according to your needs.
Your company’s presentation is very important to make you known and it also helps have more views from users.
To post an ad you have to follow some simple steps, as follows:
Create an account;
Choose one of the available Membership Packages on the “Pricing” page. The Membership Packages can also be found on the “User Dashboard” where, on the “Upgrade Plan” section, you can choose the appropriate package. You can post free ads;
After choosing the Membership Package, before or after the first posting, it’s very important to enter all your company data, including the logo and the representative image, into the “User Dashboard” page, under “Profile Settings.” These data will appear on the RailAction website, both in the posted ads and on the company page;
Access the “ADD YOUR ITEM” button placed on the website pages. Enter the data for the railway vehicle and post your announcement.
All posted ads will be visible in the online environment after a review by the webmaster.

Facilities provided through the User Dashboard

Accessing the “User Dashboard” is only possible after creating an account on the website through the “Login/Register” section.
RailAction offers to its users the ability to manage their posted ads in the sense that the ads can be edited, disabled, deleted, or marked as sold.
Also, in the “User Dashboard”, you can track the number of views for each vehicle, identify your favorite ads, set the company data you represent, upgrade your plan, or manage the packages of ads purchased through the My Account page.

How can the seller be contacted?

The seller can be contacted directly through the contact form on the ad page or via the contact details provided on the company’s presentation page.

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