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A posting with representative images is much more successful in achieving what you want. In general, the ads with images are viewed first. We recommend attaching at least one image to the ad. If you don’t have an available image now, there is no problem because you can upload it later through the user dashboard.

Recommended image resolution: 800 x 470 px or higher. The maximum size limit of an uploadable image is 3000 Kb

For a good display in the posted ad, the size of the photo must be in accordance with the recommended dimensions and proportions.

The number of images that can be loaded depends on the selected package from the “Pricing” page

Available membership packages and upload permissions:
“Free” – up to 1 image
“Business” – up to 5 images
“Enterprise” – up to 10 images.

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Add your video URL here (youtube, vimeo, etc). If you don't have the videos handy, don't worry. You can add or edit them after you complete your ad using the "Manage Your Ad" page.
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Determine a competitive price by comparing your vehicle's information to similar vehicles for sale/rent by companies in your area. Then consider pricing your vehicle within range. Be sure to provide vehicle description and photos to highlight the best features of your vehicle, especially if your asking price is above average. The currency sign is already set. Please do not use currency sign in price field. Please note that If you fill in the "Custom label instead of price" field (e.g. Call Us, AUCTION), you will be required to enter a price (in the first field) that will not be displayed on the website.

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